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Pilatus Porter History
by Markus Herzig
S/N 341

S/N: 341 Built: 1960 TSN: 6'950
Registration Type Operator / Owner From To Remarks
HB-FAS PC-6/275 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke 1960-03 1960-05-30 Prototype PC-6/275
HB-FAS PC-6 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke 1960-05-30 1960-08-18  
OH-POA PC-6 Finnmap 1960-08-19 1973-03-06  
OH-POA PC-6 Parachuting Club of Finland 1973-03-06 1981-08-25 Replaced with OH-POB
LN-BEP PC-6 Ostlandets Fallskjermklubber 1982-08-06 1983-04-20  
LN-BEP PC-6 Asker og Baerums Fallskjermklubb 1983-04-20 1983-12-09  
N4795P PC-6 Dodson Aviation 1984-03-30 1984-04-18  
N4795P PC-6 Meyers Gerald R 1984-04-18 1984-06-01  
N4795P PC-6 Jones Bill 1984-06-01 1985-05-20  
N4795P PC-6 Jones William S 1985-05-20 1993-02-02  
N4795P PC-6 Jones Martin L 1993-02-02 1995-03-30 opf Air Adventures Clewistown
N4795P PC-6 Styles Aviation Inc 1995-03-30 1995-03-31  
N4795P PC-6 Dorris Donald E 1995-03-31 2007-05-05 opf Skydive Missouri
N4795P PC-6 York Neal 2007-05-05 2010-09  
N4795P PC-6 SkyXpress Inc 2010-09-29 2012-04-03  
N4795P PC-6 International Air Service Inc Trustee, Kiev 2012-04-03 2014-05-06 opf Skydive Myrtle Beach
N4795P PC-6 Ramsey Jace M 2014-05-06 2015-10-19  
N4795P PC-6 New York Flight and Skydiving Club LLC 2015-10-19 2016-09-12  
N4795P PC-6 Southern Cross Aviation Inc 2016-09-12 2019-06-21 stored and later sold
N4795P PC-6 MIAIR Inc 2019-06-21 Current  

HB-FAS of Pilatus at Stans - the PC-6/275 prototype - Photo by Bundesarchiv © 1960 OH-POA of Finmap at Helsinki - Photo by Air Britain Library © 1969
OH-POA of Suomen Laskuvarjokerho Ry at Malmi - Photo by Yrjö Mäkelä © 1-Jun-79 - ANET LN-BEP of Asker og Baerums Fallskjermklubb at Oslo Fornebu - Photo by Kay Hagby © Oct-82
N4795P of Martin L Jones at Clewiston Airglades - Photo by Gaetano Bisaz © 1990's N4795P of Skydive Missouri - still active - Photo by Beau Lambert © 2001
N4795P of Neal York is the only real PC-6 alive - Photo courtesy by Neal York © 2009 N4795P of Jace Ramsey - a real piece of Pilatus history - Photo by Jace Ramsey © 3-Jul-14
N4795P of New York Flight and Skydiving Club at Farmingdale - Photo by Tom Kaminski © 20-Oct-15 N4795P of New York Flight and Skydiving Club at Farmingdale - Photo by Tom Kaminski © 20-Oct-15
N4795P awaiting an overhaul and a new color scheme - Photo by Zack Hinton © 12-Aug-16 N4795P of Southern Cross Aviation Inc in it's new look - Photo by Sky Parts © Dec-18

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