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Pilatus Porter History
by Markus Herzig
S/N 513

S/N: 513 Built: 1961 TSN: -
Registration Type Operator / Owner From To Remarks
D-EDTF PC-6 Deutsche Taxiflug GmbH / Von Rautenkranz Harry 1961-04-14 1962-11 chartered by DTF
D-EDTF PC-6 Air Lloyd Deutsche Nahluftverkehr AG / Von Rautenkranz Harry 1962-11 1963-07 merged into Air Lloyd
OE-DEM PC-6 Alpen Air Service Bedarfsluftfahrtunternehmen GmbH 1963-07-18 1964-04 leased
D-EDTF PC-6 Von Rautenkranz Harry 1964-04-21 1964-06-12  
D-EDTF PC-6 Hannoversche Flugbetrieb GmbH  / Kaminsky Kundenkreditbank 1964-06-12 1966-01-24  
HB-FCG PC-6 Air Glaciers 1966-02-23 1966-10-28  
F-BOJJ PC-6 Air Alpes SA 1967-04-06 1968 +- cvt to PC-6/A-H2
F-BOJJ PC-6/A-H2 Air Alpes SA 1968 +- 1979-12-27 named 'Val d'Isere'
F-BOJJ PC-6/A-H2 Centre Aero Parachutiste Marc Eskenazi 1979-12-27 1980-07-01  
F-BOJJ PC-6/A-H2 Air Savoie SARL 1980-07-01 1982-07-20  
F-BOJJ PC-6/A-H2 CM-CIC Bail SA 1982-07-20 1994-08-22 dbr 14-Aug-82 at Royan-Medis

D-EDTF of Deutsche Taxiflug at Zurich airport - Photo collection Markus Herzig © 1961 D-EDTF of Air Lloyd at the factory in Stans - Photo collection Markus Herzig © 1962
D-EDTF of Harry von Rautenkranz with Rundflüge titles - Photo by Wim Zwakhals © mid 60's F-BOJJ of Air Alpes at Chambery - Photo collection Jean-Luc Brunet © Mar-79
F-BOJJ of Air Savoie at Geneva airport - Photo collection Markus Herzig © 1-Apr-82

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