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Pilatus Porter History
by Markus Herzig
S/N 530

S/N: 530 Built: 1961 TSN: -
Registration Type Operator / Owner From To Remarks
V-611 PC-6/A-H2 KTA Kriegstechnische Abteilung 1962-01-07 1966-01 dmg 22-Aug-63 Tschiervagletscher
N392R PC-6/A-H2 Foshing Airlines 1966-01 1966-03-31 cvt to C-H2
N392R PC-6/C-H2 Air America 1966-03-31 1973-10-30 wo 30-Oct-73 at Lam Son
V-611 had an engine blow on 22-Aug-63 on the Tschiervaglacier. The aircraft had been disassembled and lifted out on 26-Aug-63 with Agusta-Bell 204B HB-XBO. Because of problems during one of the rotations with a single wing the load had to be disengaged. The wing ended up in a crevasse on the glacier, impossible to lift out. The PC-6 had been repaired and fitted with a new wing by Pilatus. 52 years later, the glacier released the lost wing !!

V-611 of KTA Kriegtechnische Abteilung - Photo Bundesamt für Militärflugplätze © 1962 V-611 of KTA at Tschiervaglacier after the engine blow - Photo Flugarchiv Graubünden © 22-Aug-63
V-611 lifted out  from Vadretin da Tschierva by HB-XBO of Heliswiss - Photo Flugarchiv GR © 26-Aug-63 N392R of Air America in the region of Na Khang - Photo by Ernest Kuhn © 1968
N392R of Air America equipped with a Garrett engine - Photo by Dan Willimas © 1968 N392R of Air America at Muang Meung LS93 - Photo by Frederic C Benson © Jan-70
A wing of V-611 released by the Tschiervagletscher after 50 years - Photo by Romano Salis © Jul-15 A wing of V-611 released by the Tschiervagletscher after 50 years - Photo by VBS © 27-Jul-15

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