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Pilatus Porter History
by Markus Herzig
S/N 573

S/N: 573 Built: 1964 TSN: 7'307
Registration Type Operator / Owner From To Remarks
I-ROCE PC-6/A-H2 Aeralpi Linee Aeree 1965-02-19 1969-09 ceased ops Jul-68
I-MIDI PC-6/A-H2 Aer Aosta 1969-09 1970-06  +  
I-MIDI PC-6/A-H2 Società Avi Alpi 1970-06  + 1972-07  
F-BTCE PC-6/A-H2 Air Alpes SA 1972-07-26 1980-02-06  
F-BTCE PC-6/A-H2 CPS de Paris-Ile de France 1980-02-06 1995-05-15 wo 24.4.88 Loos en Gohelle

I-ROCE of Aeralpi Linee Aeree at Milano - Photo by Scott Henderson © Jun-66 I-ROCE of Aeralpi at Lido di Jesolo - Photo by Geoff Dobson from the Mike Axe collection © Aug-66
I-MIDI of Aer Aosta at Aosta airport - Photo by Jacques Guillem © Jun-70 F-BTCE of Air Alpes SA at Lyon Satolas airport - Photo by Jacques Guillem © 1975
F-BTCE of CPS de Paris-Ile de France at La Ferte Gaucher - Photo by Philippe Boscardin © 1985

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