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Pilatus Porter History
by Markus Herzig
S/N 581

S/N: 581 Built: 1965 TSN: 28'550
Registration Type Operator / Owner From To Remarks
N13200 PC-6/A-H2 Air Ventures Inc., Nepal 1965-07 1966- flying in support of U.S.Embassy
N13200 PC-6/B1-H2 Air Ventures Inc., Nepal 1966- 1967-05 cvt to B1-H2
XW-PFB PC-6/B1-H2 Continental Air Services Inc. 1967-05 1974-07  
HS-CHE PC-6/B1-H2 Sky of Siam Co. 1974-07-12 1979-11  
HS-SKE PC-6/B1-H2 Sahakol Air 1979-11 1987-10  
HS-TFD PC-6/B1-H2 Thai Flying Services Co Ltd 1987-10 1991-09 named "Sky Echo"
F-GIHM PC-6/B1-H2 SARL Baulip Sports 1991-10-09 1993-06-10 overhauled by MTA Aviation
F-GIHM PC-6/B1-H2 CERP du Centre Ouest 1993-06-10 2010-02-16 renamed EFP Le Blanc
F-GIHM PC-6/B2-H2 EFP Le Blanc 2010-02-16 Current cvt to B2-H2 with PT6A-34

N13200 of Air Ventures Inc. at Lukla in Nepal - Photo by Robert Kay © 1966 N13200 of Air Ventures Inc. at Kathmandu - Photo by Fredy Rouge © 1967
HS-CHE of Sky of Siam Co at Chiang Kham - Photo by RTAF © 1979 HS-TFD of Thai Flying Service Co Ltd at Bangkok - Photo by Andreas Duerr © 22-Sep-89
HS-TFD at Bangkok to be prepared for export - Photo by Icarius Aerotechnic © Sep-91 F-GIHM of CERP du Centre Ouest at the homebase at Le Blanc - Photo by Markus Herzig © 1-Jun-00
F-GIHM at Gap-Tallard in new 'Nemo' colors - Photo by Icarius Aerotechnics © 16-Feb-10 F-GIHM of EFP Le Blanc during the exit of parajumpers - Photo by Tim Dodeigne © 24-Jun-15
F-GIHM of EFP Le Blanc in the sunset - Photo by Frederic Dutrey © 23-Oct-21

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