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Pilatus Porter History
by Markus Herzig
S/N 729

S/N: 729 Built: 1971 TSN: 12'630
Registration Type Operator / Owner From To Remarks
HB-FFQ PC-6/B1-H2 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG 1971-04-23 1971-06-16 ferry registration
A14-703 PC-6/B1-H2 Australian Army 1971-05-20 1992-07-27 A14-729 ntu
4X-AIY PC-6/B1-H2 Sky Club Ltd / IDB Leasing Inc. 1994-04 2000-01-02 fatal crs 24.4.99 at Moshav
N24144 PC-6/B2-H4 Styles Sales & Leasing Inc 2000-04-27 2005-09-14 rebuilt as B2-H4
N24144 PC-6/B2-H4 Pacific Helicopters Services LLC 2005-09-14 2005-10-13 to be based Hawaii
N24144 PC-6/B2-H4 Hauptman Thomas L 2005-10-13 2006-02 reregistered
N6FU PC-6/B2-H4 Hauptman Thomas L 2006-02 2015-05-05  
N6FU PC-6/B2-H4 JAARS Inc. 2015-05-05 2015-05-06 reregistered
N365BT PC-6/B2-H4 JAARS Inc. 2015-05-06 Current  

A14-703 of Australian Army in the original livery - Photo by Wim Zwakhals © 1970s A14-703 during the Perth to Sydney Air Race - Photo courtesy by Bryan McGrath © 1976
A14-703 in Australian Army camo colors - Photo by Mike Madden/Tony Arbon collection © Dec-92 4X-AIY of Sky Club Ltd at Bern on the delivery to Israel - Photo by Markus Herzig © 7-May-94
4X-AIY of Sky Club Ltd during paradropping in Israel - Photo by Adi Etkin © 1998 N24144 of Styles Sales & Leasing under rebuild - Photo by Steven Styles © 18-Oct-04
N24144 at La Grangeville ready for the first flight after rebuild - Photo by Styles Aviation © 22-Apr-05 N24144 of Styles Sales & Leasing at La Grangeville - Photo by Styles Aviation © 22-Apr-05
N6FU of Thomas Hauptman at La Grangeville on Tundra wheels - Photo by Styles Aviation © 7-Oct-09 N365BT of JAARS Inc. will receive soon a new livery - Photo by Chip Jones © May-15
N365BT of JAARS Inc. with a Garmin G600 and GTN 750/650 - Photo by Chip Jones © May-15 N365BT of JAARS Inc. at Townsend in its brand new paint scheme - Photo by Chip Jones © 13-Jul-15
N365BT of JAARS Inc. at Waxhaw Townsend Field - Photo by Adrian Romang © 11-Dec-18 N365BT of JAARS Inc. at Air Venture 2022 at Oshkosh - Photo by Bob Rongèé © 23-Jul-22

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