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Pilatus Porter History
by Markus Herzig
S/N 340

S/N: 340 Built: 1959 TSN: 1'400
Registration Type Operator / Owner From To Remarks
HB-FAR PC-6 Aérodrome Régional de Montreux 1960-08-10 1968-05 dmg 9.3.61, repaired
HB-FAR PC-6 Club d'Aviation Bex / Carron Hilaire 1968-05 1969-02 dmg, repaired by Aviation Services
HB-FAR PC-6 Air Tourisme Alpin 1969-02 1971-05-05 sold to France
- PC-6 Angot Aviation France 1971-05 1974-07 ntu, sold back to Switzerland
HB-FAR PC-6 Aviation Services SA 1974-07 1975  
HB-FAR PC-6 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG 1975 1975-11  
ST-AFR PC-6 National Agriculture Org. / Gulf International 1975-11-26 1989-08 wfu and stored in Sudan
N340N PC-6 Newcal Aviation Inc 1989-08 1995-05-17 stored, shipped 3/94 Malta to USA
N340N PC-6 Pen Turbo Aviation Inc 1995-05-17 1998-07-21 sold to Icarius Aerotechnics
F-GODZ PC-6/B2-H2 Fly High Icarius SARL 2002-02-14 Current powered with PT-6A-34
#340 is manufactured 5-Dec-59 and today the oldest PC-6 in the air and with the PT-6A-34 among the most powerful equipped PC-6

HB-FAR of Montreux Regional at Tsanfleuron - Photo Archive Peter Schwärzer © 1965 HB-FAR of Montreux Regional at Tsanfleuron - Photo Archive Peter Schwärzer © 1965
HB-FAR of Montreux Regional in the air at Meikirch - Photo by Peter Aegerter © 1966 HB-FAR of Club d'Aviation Bex at Bern-Belp airport - Photo by Sam Iselin © 25-May-68
HB-FAR of Aviation Services SA with antigrele equipment at Prangins - Photo by Fredy Rouge © 1970s HB-FAR ready for delivery to NAO/Gulf International at Bern - Photo by Paul Schüpbach © 10-Oct-75
ST-AFR of Air Taxi arriving by Icarius Aerotechnics at Gap - Photo by Icarius Aerotechnics © 1998 Previous N340N under reconstruction by Icarius Aerotechnics - Photo by Alain Geneve © 2000
F-GODZ just painted at Gap-Tallard - Photo by Markus Herzig © 26-May-01 The very first takeoff after 12 years - as F-GODZ - Photo by Icarius Aerotechnics © 21-Jun-01
F-GODZ "Godzilla" on the dusty gras strip at Gap-Tallard - Photo by Adrian Herzig © 7-Sep-03  - ANET Godzilla is diving down above Cockerham,UK - Photo courtesy Marc Kett © May-07
F-GODZ of Fly High Icarius SARL at Maubeuge - Photo by Markus Herzig © 9-Aug-08 50 years # 340 - F-GODZ with HB-FNI built n 2008 - Photo by Alain Geneve © 17-Oct-09

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